TV Advertising Testing

ConsumerQuest offers a suite of three affordable online solutions to assess advertising effectiveness and, where necessary, identify exactly what creative changes can be made to improve it. Not only do we offer the most cost-effective solution to TV Ad Testing, results are known within days -- allowing plenty of time if tweaks or revisions need to be made.

AdEffect® Persuasion Testing

Fast, accurate, and insightful, ConsumerQuest’s AdEffect® Persuasion Testing cuts to the core of assessing the effectiveness of TV commercials. We measure the ability of your TV commercial to persuade its target audience to want to buy the product. Moreover, if the ad does not motivate your audience as much as it could, we identify the difference between what the ad communicates about the product and what your audience really needs to understand to be convinced to buy it.

AdEffect® can help you understand:

  • Does your commercial change people’s minds and get them to want your product?
  • What does my target audience need to know about my product in order to be convinced?
  • Is the TV commercial communicating this? If not, what is it communicating and how well is that working?

ConsumerQuest has tested hundreds TV commercials via its AdEffect® TV Advertising Testing System. The methodology has been shown to be strongly correlated with sales increases due to advertising after extraneous variables such as distribution, seasonality, media spending, etc. are taken into account. An extensive database of norms of several hundred ads forms the criteria for evaluation. In addition, ConsumerQuest’s diagnostic methodology has been proven effective in improving and enhancing the ability of TV commercials to break through the clutter, communicate the most important points, and persuade target viewers to purchase the product/brand.

Square-Off Testing

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, consumers are bombarded with competing TV Commercials from competing advertisers! Square-Off is the only TV ad test methodology that directly assesses your TV commercial “head-to-head” directly against its closest competitors’ ads. Square-Off simulates a real-life market environment in which commercials for competing products or services attempt to persuade consumers.

Our Ad Test methodology is unique in that focuses directly on the key determinants of commercial effectiveness:

  • To what degree is my target consumer choosing my product because of its features, reputation, etc. -- factors outside of TV Advertising
  • To what degree does my TV commercial persuade my target consumer to choose my product?
  • Given that competitors -- both direct and indirect-- are also advertising their products, is my TV ad working better than my competitors’ ads?

ConsumerQuest’s diagnostic methodology can be applied for Square-Off Testing. This will allow you to understand how to improve your and persuade target viewers to purchase your product/brand instead of competition. In addition to assessing your ad’s effectiveness, Square-Off Testing provides highly valuable “competitive intelligence” by giving you a very real sense for how well your competitors’ ads are working.

DRD - Direct Response Diagnosis

For 0:60, Direct Response, or Infomercial ads, ConsumerQuest’s Direct Response Diagnosis (DRD) determines exactly which elements of the creative content work, do not work, and perhaps even detract from your pitch.

Direct Response Diagnosis can help you understand:

  • How does your target consumer feel while watching your program?
  • What messages resonate? What visuals make an impact?
  • How are particular spokespeople, testimonials, product demonstrations received?
  • Are there any problem areas in the creative content or execution that need to be reconsidered?
  • Does the spot “hold” or “lose” its audience, and if so, where?

ConsumerQuest’s Direct Response Diagnosis makes use of our proprietary online Dial Test application. Created by ConsumerQuest especially for web-based interviews involving video content streamed over the Internet, our ratings slider and reporting tools provide unmatched ease of use, responsiveness, accuracy, and understanding for both the respondent and the marketer.