Children & Family Home Entertainment

Like children who learn to understand and manipulate their world through toys, our heritage begins with the toy industry. In an industry where “everything changes” year-to-year, ConsumerQuest excels by creating accurate and well thought-through research designs, questionnaires, product stimuli, and discussion guides. Research findings are delivered quickly and deep, insightful, action-oriented analyses add value. Our ability to glean the most insightful marketing implications and recommendations in the demanding world of home entertainment is a testament to ConsumerQuest’s strengths.

Capitalizing on our strengths in digital image and video management, ConsumerQuest applies solid web-based interview methods and routines for surveys targeted to mothers and children. Our ability to craft questions, answer sets, and instructions in a way that ensures their validity for young children is unmatched. Accustomed to the rapidly moving world of home media and entertainment, we deliver accurate research results at rapid-fire speeds.

Among the many different types of research studies we conduct are:

TV Advertising Tests
New Product Concept Tests
New Product Viability Tests
Branding & Communications Research
Usage Tests / Play Testing
Packaging Research
Consumer Attitude & Usage Tracking
Customer Satisfaction
Pricing and Price Elasticity
Conjoint / Features Optimization
Focus Groups
In-Depth Interviews
“Qual/Quant” Studies

The many categories and areas we’ve investigated include:

Action Figures
Arts & Crafts
Baby Toys
Board Games
Building & Construction
Cable & Satellite Providers
Home Video Entertainment
Learning Aids
Licensed Properties
Musical Instruments
Outdoor Play
Radio Programming
Riding Products
Sports Franchises
Sporting Goods
Theatrical Entertainment
TV News Shows
Vehicles & R/C
Video Games