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For nearly two decades, we've helped businesses in the United States and around the world successfully introduce new products and services and gain and protect share from competition. ConsumerQuest combines a marketing consulting orientation with sophisticated custom research capabilities. We provide hands-on support and guidance to ensure delivery of comprehensive, cost-effective market research custom-tailored to your organization's needs and objectives.

  • The ConsumerQuest Way
    The ConsumerQuest Way

    We believe that every step in the research process from project inception to report can be optimized to glean the most accurate, most in-depth, and most strategically and creatively useful marketing insights. We know that exceptional marketing research requires a research partner who understands your business nearly as well as you do -- and then adds value to help you understand it better. By dedicating our top management to your project from start to finish, we ensure that the highest quality standards and expertise is applied to all aspects of your studies.

  • Internet & Online Studies
    Internet & Online Studies

    ConsumerQuest has developed custom, proprietary online interview methods and routines. This has enabled us to provide highly sophisticated survey question sequences and visual/audio stimuli for online interviews. read more »

  • Dependable Quantitative Field & Tab
    Dependable Quantitative Field & Tab

    We thrive on challenging projects, whether it require a hard-to-reach respondent audience, precision handling of product, or complex rotation of stimuli and question frames. read more »

  • Insightful Qualitative & Focus Groups
    Insightful Qualitative & Focus Groups

    We excel at qualitative research because we understand the issues surrounding your business and know how to creatively apply proven qualitative research methods to address them. read more »

The process
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Define the problem. We listen to your issues and ask questions to get a better understanding of what you need from the research.

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Propose the research design. We approach every project as a custom study and propose a design that will best meet the objectives.

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Field and Execute. We manage the entire data collection process with an eye for detail to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch.

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Analyze the findings. We add value by providing insightful, actionable analysis and recommendations.

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Report the results. We report results in a meaningful, clear way to facilitate the understanding of all readers.