Internet & Online Studies

ConsumerQuest has developed custom, proprietary online interview methods and routines. This has enabled us to provide highly sophisticated survey question sequences and visual/audio stimuli for online interviews. By programming and hosting online surveys internally, we provide:

Automated control and balancing of cells during data collection
Flawless execution of skip patterns, piped-in answers, and customized questions designs for each respondent
24/7 client access to “live" real-time data results

Our web-based research is secure, technologically advanced, and carefully integrated. Great care is taken to ensure that products and promotional materials are presented to the target audience in a representative, unbiased, and clear way. Video and audio stimuli are seamless -- built into the survey itself -- and takes full advantage of the Internet’s multimedia capabilities. We are partners with the best-in-class national and international panel companies who meticulously maintain their panels of consumers, business executives, professionals, and physicians. This allows our clients to reach their target market quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.