Insightful Qualitative & Focus Groups

We excel at qualitative research because we understand the issues surrounding your business and know how to creatively apply proven qualitative research methods to address them. As needed, ConsumerQuest provides innovative qualitative research techniques for both consumer and business-to-business research projects. We challenge you to find qualitative research that consistently delivers an understanding of your business and uncovers the hidden dynamics that really move the marketplace.

Among the many different types of qualitative research methodologies, we conduct:

Focus groups
Mini groups
In-depth interviews
Web-Usability Testing
Executive phone interviews
In-depth behavioral analysis
In-home interviews
In-store interviews
Mystery shopping

In all our qualitative research, we work closely with the clients to:

Understand your business situation and needs.
Design a screening questionnaire to ensure that participants are representative of the target audience.
Manage recruiting of respondents, and coordinate with local facilities.
Develop a comprehensive and effective Discussion Guide.
Provide expert, highly experienced moderation of focus groups or interviews, applying innovative and in-depth
     interviewing techniques where appropriate.
Provide transcripts and verbatims of responses.
Analyze results.
Write comprehensive, meaningful and insightful summaries and reports of findings.