• Welcome to ConsumerQuest Since its founding in 1992, ConsumerQuest has provided strategic marketing research that is smart, in depth, and marketing savvy. While ConsumerQuest can tackle almost any research issue, we are experts in consumer packaged goods research, advertising testing, marketing and branding strategy, and children's and family products.
  • Consumer Packaged Goods From breakfast cereals and beverages to detergents and toiletries, ConsumerQuest experts conduct customized research studies using the most advanced research tools and techniques available. We deliver superior study design and management, outstanding reporting and analysis, and insightful strategic marketing recommendations. find out more »
  • Children & Family Entertainment Like children who learn to understand and manipulate their world through toys, our heritage begins with the toy industry. In an industry where "everything changes" year-to-year, ConsumerQuest excels by creating accurate and well thought-through research designs, questionnaires, product stimuli, and discussion guides. Research findings are delivered quickly and deep, insightful, action-oriented analyses add value. Our ability to glean the most insightful marketing implications and recommendations in the demanding world of home entertainment is a testament to ConsumerQuest's strengths. find out more »
  • Television Advertising ConsumerQuest offers a suite of three affordable online solutions to assess advertising effectiveness and, where necessary, identify exactly what creative changes can be made to improve it. Not only do we offer the most cost-effective solution to TV Ad Testing, results are known within days -- allowing plenty of time if tweaks or revisions need to be made. find out more »
  • Marketing & Branding Strategies Creating and supporting a compelling branding strategy is at the core of successful marketing. Speaking to the consumer with the right messages and marketing communications tactics is essential. ConsumerQuest are specialists in defining a product/brand's unique selling proposition, determining how to position it in the marketplace versus competitors, understanding where gaps and opportunities exist in the target audience's mindset, and identifying which messages resonate most. find out more »
  • Education Research With the KnowledgeQuest brand, our mission is to provide research-driven insights to organizations serving our schools so that children and young adults have the best opportunities to learn and grow. To that end, we work closely with clients throughout the research process to ensure valid research design, provide confidence in the conclusions that are reached, and make valuable recommendations. In short, we work with our clients to help them make key business decisions. find out more »
Historical Record

For nearly two decades, ConsumerQuest has played an important behind-the-scenes role in bringing many new products and services to market, and enhancing the position of mature ones. And in the public sector, we've had the honor of helping many agencies achieve their communications goals.

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Fresh stuff

Thank you for visiting our web page. The vast majority of our work is highly confidential, but there are general aspects that we can share. Feel free to look around and see what we've been up to.

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